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Do you like Animals & Mythical/Fantasy Creatures?
I do.. and it's one of the reasons, why I also prefer to play characters,
that have a Creature Companion.
Sadly, the standard Creature Companions in NWN2 are far from being satisfactory/close to PnP
and even still include bugs (I just say 'Weapon Finesse'), too.
With Kaedrin's PrC Pack, things got a lot better
(especially due to new Feats & Spells, that support Creature Companions),
but (most of) the Companions themselves were still not powerful enough
to make a Character/Build focused on Companions (such as the
Beastmaster of Kuldahar)
a viable option and originally there were not that many creatures available to choose from, too.
There are already some other mods, that add/change Animal/Creature Companions,
but most of them are out of date, offer just a few creatures and/or don't work with Kaedrin's PrC Pack.
So here's my personal vision of how Creature Companions should be in NWN2..



[Q] What's CCP (Cyphre's Companion Pack)?

[A] CCP is a modification for Neverwinter Nights 2, that tries to accomplish following goals:

(1) Adding new Creature Companions
(2) Enhancing already existing Animal Companions to be more powerful/useful (while staying as close to PnP as possible).
(3) To introduce/add a (very simple) aging/growing 'system' for Creature Companions
(Version 0.75 includes 3 'visible' steps (Young, Juvenile & Adult) and adds a 'true' size-category change 
(with all advantages/disadvantages) when reaching adulthood.

(4) Enhancing/adding some new textures/effects such as Glowing Eyes.
(5) Offering stuff/resources, that also could be useful for module/pw creators.


[Q] What makes the PnP Creature Companions more powerful?

[A] The power of Creature Companions in PnP mainly derrives from their special Feats/Attacks,
which are not inlcuded in NWN2 (Charge, Grapple, Pounce, Rake, .. to name just a few).
Also Companions get the additional powers of being a Companion on top of their own powers
and not just the Companion powers like it is done in NWN2.
In the first print of the E3.5 PHB, Animal Companions were even treated like Magical Beasts
(while retaining the animal's HD, BAB, saves, skill points and feats),
but this was revised in later editions.
Be it as it may.. the clear fact is.. a Companion is far superior to a normal creature of its kind
and has special powers!!


[Q] So how have you translated the special Feats/Attacks, that are not included in NWN2?

[A] Here is my current (v0.75) list of how I translated some special Feats/Attacks (things may change in later releases!!):

Agile=Skill Focus Tumble
Constrict=(Improved) Knockdown
Ferocity=Steadfast Determination
Improved Grab=(Improved) Knockdown
Pounce/Rake=Weapon Focus/Weapon Specialization (just one of both)
Racial Bonus to Balance, Climb, Jump, Swim, ..=Skill Focus Tumble
Racial Bonus to Escape Artist=Dodge
Racial Bonus to Skill x=Skill Focus x
Rend=Weapon Specialization
Run=Skill Focus Tumble
Swallow Whole=Vorpal Bite
Trip=(Improved) Knockdown


[Q] What's the 'Weapon Finesse' Bug?

A] Creature Weapons do not benefit from this feat at all anymore
(I tested this thoroughly under misc. circumstances/creatures/sizes),
but I found some kind of workaround for it..
You won't find/see a 'Weapon Finesse' feat in the list of feats of companions,
that should have it and their attack bonus will still rely on 'Strength',
BUT they will still receive a bonus to their attack equal to the difference between the unmodified STR/DEX-modifier
(if the DEX modifier is higher of course) which is not weapon-related
and hence stacks with spells that improve the attack bonus of natural weapons.
Not perfect, but much better than a feat, that doesn't work at all!!
Well, nearly all Companions from my pack use 'STRENGTH' as their base modifier for attack-bonuses anyway ;-) !!!
The Psionic Myconid and the Wood Myconid use WISDOM as their base modifier for attack-bonuses from Level 7 on.


[Q] Some words about Companion-vs.-Companion balance?

[A] It's not my goal/intention to make the Creature Companions equal to each other..
a Bear should win vs. a Badger in 99% of all fights, .. etc.. (check reality & PnP to get an idea about what to expect).


[Q] Why have you included Sharks?

[A] Why not? ;-) .. Adventures doesn't always happen 'on land', only - see the Planescape Trilogy [Underwater Screenshot]
Adam Miller's Dark Waters [Underwater Screenshot] just to name two examples.


[Q] Why have you included Magical Beasts & Plants?

[A] Because they are FUN!! ;-P .. but that's not the only point.. to be serious..
the decision to do so (while not adding any other types) is based on three things..
1. 'Magical Beasts' & 'Plants' have an Intelligence Score (contrary to Vermin or Ooze for example),
which is an important prerequisit for understanding 'commands'.
2. As already mentioned above, all Animal Companions were treated as 'Magical Beasts' in the first releases of the E3.5 PHB anyway.
3. 'Magical Beasts' & 'Plants' fit into the 'nature' theme of Druids, Rangers & Clerics that worship nature deities.


[Q] What about the Dragon Companions?

[A] Don't ask!!! .. No, seriously..
currently, there are no plans to add/support/edit/modify (the) Dragon Companions,
as I don't like the idea of being able to have such a Companion at all.


[Q] What about Dino Companions?

[A] From v0.74 on, there will be three Dinos (a Deinonychus, a Megaraptor & the T-Rex) included,
which (with the exception of the T-Rex) can be taken right from the beginning (without having to take a feat).
Note, that you still can take the 'original' Deinonychus with the 'Dinosaur Companion' Feat, too
(which is a little bit more powerful at the beginning, but weaker @ higher levels).


[Q] What about Familiars?

[A] I strongly recommend to check out Loki_999's NWN1 Style Familiars Pack.


[Q] Where is/are the Spider & the Elemental (by Kaedrin) Companion(s)?

[A] The Spider is a vermin and the Elementals.. well.. Elementals..
so the Spider & the Elemental Companions are disabled by default.. for now ;-) !!!
You can re-enable them by editing the 'hen_companion.2da' in the cmi_common-folder.
Simply overwrite the '0' with a '1' in the 'AvailableToPlayer' column.
Special Note:
There is a conflict with Kaedrin's Water Elemental and the Doom Hound (Row 16 & 17 in the
because Kaedrin used those rows, despite my hen_companion.2da reservations on the NWN2Wiki.
Because of that, I will change the two animal companions which are affected by this (Arctic Boar & Arctic Wolf) with the next update.
For the time being those two animals completely override Kaedrin's Water Elemental and the Doom Hound,
so that it's not possible to use either of them.


[Q] Known Bugs?

[A] None that I'm aware of, but I guess, that the Pack currently doesn't work with any module,
that doesn't support Kaedrin's PrC Pack (such as
Mysteries of Westgate).


[Q] Does this pack support your PrC Pack?

[A] Yes, the Companions pack v0.75.2 fully supports my own PrC Pack v0.69, too!!!
Just make sure to use the Dialog.tlk of the Companions Pack and NOT the one of the PrC Pack.


[Q] Anything to say about the next update(s)?

[A] For the next bigger update (v0.76), I plan to add the Basilisk/Greater Basilisk,
the Worg, the Winter Wolf and a special Normal/Dire/Celestial Dire Bear Companion
the second part of the revised/refined moving rates and distance tweaks
(based on NWN2 Creature Distance Tweaks by Søren Møller/Zarathustra217).
The adjusted Creature CRs are still pushed back to a later release.


[Q] Are the backgrounds for the animal companion selection screen from the pictures @ the vault included in your pack?

[A] No. Most of these backgrounds are custom made for promoting my pack only.
Just one of them is available.. (
Background Art)



[Q] What do I need to use CCP (Cyphre's Companion Pack)?


(1) NWN2 with MotB and SoZ
(2) Kaedrin's PrC Pack v1.42.1


Q] So CCP (Cyphre's Companion Pack) doesn't work without Kaedrin's PrC Pack installed?

[A] It certainly could/should, but I haven't tested it so far.
Anyway.. some creatures wouldn't work as intended due to missing feats from Kaedrin's PrC Pack.


[Q] How do I install CCP (Cyphre's Companion Pack)?


Kaedrin's PrC Pack should already be installed.


Unzip in your "..\My Documents\Neverwinter Nights 2\override"-folder.
(Note: this folder should be at the bottom and there should be no "loose" files in the override-folder [if there are, create another subfolder and put them there!]!!!)
(See picture 1 for reference!)
Additional note: If you also have my PrC Pack installed, then the PrC Pack should be at the bottom
and you should delete the "hen_companion.2da" file from the "cmi_common"-folder of my PrC Pack.

Make a Backup of any Dialog.tlk file, that you can find in the "..\My Documents\Neverwinter Nights 2\"-folder (including all subfolders!)

Make a Backup of the Dialog.tlk file, that you can find in the main installation folder of NWN2
(the game directory - by default it's "C:\Program Files (x86)\Atari\Neverwinter Nights 2\")

Locate my Dialog.tlk in the
"..\My Documents\Neverwinter Nights 2\override\ZZZ_CyphresPRCPack_v0.69_Beta_Override_Dialogtlk\cmi_common\"-folder

Copy/Paste the Dialog.tlk to the following 3 positions (Overwrite: YES):
   1) "..\My Documents\Neverwinter Nights 2\"
(See picture 2 for reference!)
   2) "..\My Documents\Neverwinter Nights 2\tlk\"
(See picture 2 for reference!)

 3) The main installation folder of NWN2
(the game directory - by default it's "C:\Program Files (x86)\Atari\Neverwinter Nights 2\"
(See picture 3 for reference!)



Project idea(s), research, modding/editing, blueprints, portrait postworks (*1),
all texture- & tint-map changes & glow maps by J. C. Huguet aka Cyphre/Cyphre69

[(*1) Original artists of the 'drawn' portraits are unknown]

From v0.73 on, the
NWN2-style portraits are all made by Cyphre/Cyphre69


Hammerhead Shark & Mako Shark by Hellfire59/Bioware-DLA,
taken from the
RWS Creature Conversion Project
- please vote for this great resource!! -


Myconid Models/Textures (*2)
by Hellfire59/Schazzwozzer,
taken from the
RWS Creature Conversion Project
- please vote for this great resource!! -

[(*2) Glow Maps & Wood Myconid retexture by Cyphre/Cyphre69]


Snake by Arpharazon
- please vote for this great resource!! -


Base Tiger texture, Lion (Female/Male), Smilodon & T-Rex by Hellfire59
Tiger & Lion (Female/Male) re-textures, Snow Tiger texture conversion & all glow maps by Cyphre/Cyphre69)


Gray Render by Evil Edison
- please vote for this great resource!!! -


NWN2 Creature Distance Tweaks v0.2 by Søren Møller/Zarathustra217
- please vote for this great resource!!! -




Arpharazon for the wonderful Snake model conversion,

Kaedrin for the amazing PrC Pack
(esp. for supporting Animal Companions through new Feats & Spells),

lancerlot_30v for the great Character Builder Page,

nicethugbert for all the >>NEAT!<< comments ;-),

Obsidian for making NWN2/MOTB/SOZ,

Hellfire59/Bioware-DLA/RWS/Schazzwozzer for the beautiful Shark conversions,
the Myconids & all their other stunning resources,

deserknwn2 & dunniteowl for the constructive suggestions regarding the improvement(s) of the Tiger,

the NWN2 community for being,

Wesley for the nice "Background Art 2" from his "Background Art Pack", which I used in some of my promo-pics,

Tony_K for the brilliant Companion and Monster AI,

Søren Møller/Zarathustra217 for the slick Creature Speed/Distance Tweaks

Loki_999 for the very nice exchange of ideas, help & support
and of course for creating the fantastic
NWN1 Style Familiars pack,

Hellfire59 (again :) !!) for the most beautiful animal texture to date.. the Tiger(!!!),
the Lions, the Smilodon & the impressive T-Rex..

and.. YOU.. for downloading *^_^*!!!

Also a special 'thank you' to

all the voters & commentators @ the NWN2 Vault including:

nicethugbert, Synic/Kunikos, Nacaal, issacjr, kankosthegreat, Chr0niC, Saralach,
navyosteopath, NecromanX2,
Kamigoroshi, exodustpa, Qrizz, Amphibious Bagel,



v0.69 BETA
Initial Release

v0.70 BETA
'Great Cats & Dinos'


Fixed a small 'bug' regarding the hen_companion.2da (forgot to set some 0s)
Added Animal Companion descriptions
Added a new Panther portrait [optional]
Added 4(3) (new) Animal Companions (Tiger, Snow Tiger, (Deinonychus) & Megaraptor)
(all available from the 1st level and without having to take any feat)
Fixed the wrong HD-progression on all Animal Companions
Changed the claws of the Panther from brown to (shiny) grey/black

v0.70 BETA + Update
'Great Cats & Dinos'


Added new texture-Sets for the Tiger & the Snow Tiger

v0.70 BETA
+ Update II
'Great Cats & Dinos'


Added a new conversion of the Mountain Lion (it uses the 'Snow Leopard' model now)
Fixed the normal maps for both Tigers
Fixed a description bug of the Arctic Wolf
Edited several Animal Companion textures
Added several new Animal Companion portraits

v0.73 BETA 


Added a new (custom) animal.. the Jungle Snake

Fixed a small 'bug' regarding a portrait of the Megaraptor (Level 1-2)
Created/Added a bunch of new portraits for all(!) ACs
Edited the eyes of the Snow Tiger (the pupil is much darker now)
Minor tweaks and changes (like new/adjusted sizes for the two Dinos, etc.)

v0.74 BETA
'Great Cats & Dinos II'


Added 4 new animals.. the Lion (Female/Male), the Smilodon & the T-Rex
Minor tweaks and changes

v0.75.1 BETA
'Magical Beasts & Plants'


Added 5 new creatures.. the Gray Render, the Shambling Mound & 3 different Myconids
Edited all files to be compatible with Kaedrin's latest PrC Pack (v1.39.1)
The first part of the revised/refined moving rates and distance tweaks by S. M.
Added several new Animal Companion portraits
Minor tweaks and changes

v0.75.1 BETA + Update
'Magical Beasts & Plants'


Edited all files to be compatible with Kaedrin's latest PrC Pack (v1.40.4)

v0.75.2 BETA
'A New Beginning'


Edited all files to be compatible with Kaedrin's PrC Pack v1.42.1



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